Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Yard Sale

September 14th  9 AM

An amazing assortment of artistic oddities! Browse through 2 tents full of treasures. Find discontinued and rare items. Stamps, yarn, paper, tools, fabric, storage and more. The marvels will be revealed at 9 am when the flaps open and disappear when the shop closes. 


I have stuff to sell! How does it work?:
Bring your extra crafty items (supplies, storage, finished or half finished projects) to sell and get a gift certificate for exciting new items and big ticket splurges back! Call the shop (641-456-6305) and get a seller number. Price your items with the seller number on the tag (so we can keep track of who sold how much). Bring in your form and your items by closing on September 13th.

How much does it cost?
Pay $5 or volunteer to help setup, tear down, or sell items for 1 hour on September 14th.

When do I get my gift certificate?
You can pick up your gift certificate when you pick up your items.